Partial list of Attendees
petros petros Doolin guitars

Petros Guitars and Doolin Guitars

Below is a list of early confirmations and registrants for the show. It is
not a complete list, though the list will be periodically updated. The list
also includes inlay artists who will be exhibiting, as well has vendors of
hand-made guitars who will be displaying for other top hand builders who may not be able to attend.

Parker Archtops
Ken Parker

Abyss Guitars
Kevin L. Pederson

A.J. Lucas, Luthier
Adrian Lucas

Andrew White Guitars

Andrew White

Applegate Guitars
Brian Applegate

Banjos by Renee
Renee Karnes

Benedetto Guitars

Beardsell Guitars
Alan Beardsell

Bluett Brothers Violins

Brunner Guitars
Lukas Brunner

Bryson Guitars
David Bryson

Charis Acoustic

Bill Wise

Charles Fox Guitars

Charles Fox

Charles Freeborn Guitars

Charles Freeborn

Collins Guitars

Michael E. Collins

Collings Guitars
Bill Collings

Comins Guitars

Bill Comins

Craig Lavin Custom Inlay

Craig Lavin

Darling Guitars
Denis Merrill
David LaPlante
David LaPlante
David Taylor Guitars
David Taylor

de Jonge Guitars
de Jonge Guitars

Doolin Guitars
Mike Doolin

Dream Guitars, Inc.
Paul Heumiller

Duke of Pearl

Chuck Erikson

Ebata Guitars

Hiro Ebata

Elsberry Archtop Guitars

Jim Ellsberry

EVD String Instruments

Edward Victor Dick

Frank Verrilli Custom Guitars
Frank Verilli

Gadotti Guitars
Jean Franco Gadotti

Galloup Guitars

Bryan Galloup

German Guitars

Greg German

Haight Guitars
Sharon or Norman Haight

Hayotuk Guitars
Bernard Vachon

Hodges Handcrafted Guitars

Ken Hodges

Hoffman Guitars

Charlie Hoffman

John How Guitars
John How

John Walker Guitars
John Walker

Jonathan Plant Guitars
Jonathan Plant

Jonathan Wilson Designs

Jonathan Wilson

Julius Borges Guitars
Julius Borges

Kevin Ryan Guitars
Kevin Ryan

Kingslight Guitars

John Kingslight

Kinnaird Guitars
John Kinnaird

Klein Gutiars

Steve Klein

Kragenbrink Guitars
Lance Kragenbrink

Lashbrook Guitars, LLC
Larry or John Lashbrook

Lehmann Strings
Bernie Lehmann

Lucas Custom Instruments
Randy Lucas

Luthiers Pride
Russ Campbell

Manzer Guitars
Linda Manzer

McAlister Guitars
Roy McAlister

MacCubbin Guitars

David MacCubbin

McElroy Guitars
Brent McElroy

McKnight Guitars

Tim McKnight

Michael Keller Guitars

Michael Keller

Mermer Guitars
Richard Mermer

Mirabella Guitars
Cristian Mirabella

Monteleone Guitars

John Monteleone

Mortoro Guitars

Gary Mortoro

Narciso Fumero

O.C. Bear Custom Guitars
Clint Bear

Oriskany Guitars
Johanna Mutti

Paragon Guitars

Rob Bustos

Paris Banchetti Guitars
Paris Banchetti

Petros Guitars
Bruce Petros

Poling Guitars

Brock Poling

Queener Guitars
Patrick Queener

Quest Guitars
Clint Hobbs

Randall Kramer Guitars

Randall Kramer

Reede Guitars

Tim Reede

Ribbecke Guitars
Tom Ribbecke

Robinson Inlays
Larry Robinson

Schenk Guitars
Rod Schenk

RS Muth Guitars

Randy Muth

Sharp Custom Guitars

Don Sharp

Siesta Key Guitars, Inc
David Bland

Solomon Guitars

Erich Solomon

Sugita Kenji Acoustic Guitars
Sugita Kenji

Tippin Guitars

Bill Tippin

Todd Lunneborg Guitars

Todd Lunneborg

Tom Doerr Guitars

Tom Doerr

Victor Baker Guitars

Victor Baker

Voyage-air Guitars
Harvey Leach

William "Grit" Laskin Guitars
William "Grit" Laskin

Woolson Soundcraft

Paul Woolson

Y. Kawakami Guitars
Yusuke Kawakami

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Benedetto Guitars



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Erich Solomon

Gadotti Guitars

Abyss Guitars

Craig Lavin

Chris Proctor

Muriel Anderson

Don Alder

Mary Flower

Nina Gerber

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