Greetings from the Newport Guitar Festival in South Florida!  As many of you have heard through the grapevine, or through our website, the next Newport Festival will be held April 16-18, 2010 at the amazing Hard Rock Café Hotel and Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida.  I am sorry it has taken us so long to officially announce this, but you will find it well worth the wait.  The Hard Rock has a huge “campus” setting with a modern Hotel ballroom and meeting rooms, and amazing indoor, climate controlled, stadium attached called the Hard Rock Live, along with more than a dozen restaurants, a Casino filled with vintage acoustic and electric guitars, all kinds of shops, and lounges set up for live performances which we will be using as well.


The Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, in short, is Guitar Central.  In future years they are even adding another hotel in the shape of a guitar with a thousand more rooms.  The campus has free parking for thousands upon thousands of visitors and exhibitors, and it is surrounded by modern, clean hotels with which we will be negotiating special rates and shuttle service.  The Hard Rock is only ten minutes from the Fort Lauderdale Airport, so this venue is convenient for exhibitors, out-of-town guests, and is right in between Miami and the Palm Beaches, where we draw from a population of six million, made up of some of the nation’s most affluent guitar enthusiasts and collectors.


The best part is that the Seminole Hard Rock organization is sponsoring us this year and allowing us to tap into close to ten million dollars in advertising and publicity—the largest campaign ever attached to a guitar show of this kind.  We will have the Modern Masters that are the mainstay of our show, along with vintage collections (some from the Hard Rock, holding the largest vintage collection in the world) and enough room to divide acoustic and electric instruments, as well as high end amplifiers and accessories which the public expects to see at a show like this.


We are preparing to go to NAMM now, but when we return next week we will be telling you more about special exhibitions such as Denis Merrill’s Sonic Sitka exhibition, a special Blue Electric Guitar Exhibition that many of you will be asked to participate in to commemorate the late Scott Chinery, as well as a world wide auction of Modern Masters which will allow bidders from collectors in other countries who cannot be at the show.  As usual, we will have the best builders and instruments from the world, and will have mini-concert demonstrations from the world’s best musicians.  Many of you have seen the concerts in High Definition which we are putting up on YouTube and linking to our site, and this effort will be doubled so that every performance from every builder will be uploaded almost immediately after the show, while we will continue with photographing the instruments for the Blue Book and for the use of any luthiers who wants them.  This year we will also be having live broadcasts and a host of other benefits you would expect from a show that has builders at its heart.


And, of course, there will be no fee increases from last year and you can expect even more for your dollar.  Watch our website,, check out the Hard Rock link, and watch your email for more information.  In the meantime, let us know if you have special projects, instruments, or promotions you want to link with us, sign up on our site to reserve your spot and to make sure we have all your info, and we will be talking to you soon.



Henry Lowenstein, Eric Garcia, and Ron Hill